Phase 1. Gather coconut shells

Workers go purchasing dried coconut shells from the base of Ben Tre coconut production

Stage 2. coconut shell charcoal cellar

Let dry coconut shells collected on a dedicated tunnel oven to turn coconut shells into charcoal coconut shell (coconut shell charcoal usual) with a natural size.

Phase 3. Grind charcoal

Once out of the oven stew, coconut shell charcoal shaped large pieces. This is called size "nature" of the coconut shell charcoal. Later, coconut shell charcoal is added to the mill to grind the coal into smaller size desired. Often in Ben Tre coconut shell charcoal natural size will be ground into smaller sizes 3x6 or 4x8 range and fairly uniform in size. After this process there will be a byproduct is carbon coconut shell dimensions 4x8, 8x20 and finely powdered coconut shell charcoal.

Phase 4. Formation of Charcoal BBQ

Than after being pureed will be combined with natural binder and put into molds shaped and baked to form charcoal BBQ more.


Natural charcoal FacilityLoc Duy coconut shell charcoal is packed in 25kg and 50kg PP packaging.


Natural charcoal Facility Loc Duy coconut shell charcoal is produced from high quality coconut shell, carefully selected before being processed. The stages of the manufacturing process is strictly controlled under safety system ISO 22000: 2005, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) to bring high-value products, and convenient safe for consumer health.

Ingredient Quality

1. Technical specifications:
- Production from natural coconut shells, environmentally friendly, no smell, no smoke, no toxic gas and do not use chemicals 2. Chemical indicator: 3. Materials: