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Proud to bring the most natural products from the land of Ben Tre, the most famous coconut garden in Vietnam.

Coconut shells were once considered agricultural waste, but today they are considered a resource. They can be found in their natural form or compressed into tablets. Made from natural materials such as coconut shell charcoal and a small part of natural starch as a binder, coconut charcoal is environmentally friendly because it burns very cleanly, leaving almost no black residue when touched.

With a high standard of quality control in every step of the process, from coconut shell selection to briquetting and packaging, we supply coconut charcoal pellets high quality in any desired size and packaging based on your requirements.

Moisture Up to 6% or as required
Ash content Up to 3% or as required
Calorifix Value up to 7,500 kcal/kg
or on request
Temperature up to 600 C
or on request
Minimum burning time 3 hours
Fire time  3 hours to 3.5 hours
Block Size on request
Package size on request
No smell, no smoke, no spark
Includes inner and outer packaging (design to order)


With advanced technology, we always create quality charcoal products, smokeless, safe to use…