Warranty principle

  • The company’s warranty is only applicable to products provided by Loc Duy and Huu Tho.
  • For goods sold by manufacturers, if you want to return the company will charge 15% of the value of the product sold at the time of return.

(Please read carefully the warranty and return conditions within 15 days below)

Warranty conditions

  •  Warranty due to defects in materials and machining on the product under normal conditions of use. Errors caused by using improperly with the manufacturer’s specifications (short, fire, explosion) are not covered under warranty.
  •  Within 15 days after receiving the goods, if the product is damaged by the manufacturer’s fault, the Company will exchange it for the customer provided the product shows no signs of external impact: Fall, break, distortion , warping, scratching, ingress by chemical solution and liquid. And product warranty stamp intact. Please bring your warranty card (if any) when going to warranty.

Warranty conditions do not apply to:

  • Damage caused by negligence, abuse, misuse, flood, fire, earthquake or other external cause. •  
  • Damage caused by falling, impacted products, warping, dented, distorted, scratched or concave.
  • The product is moldy, flammable, penetrated by solutions, chemicals and liquids.

Note:  Policies and regulations are generally applicable to customers who buy goods at stores or online on the website, we will continuously update sales policies to ensure compliance with the laws of the state, consumers, suitable for e-commerce activities. Therefore, we hope you will regularly follow our policies.