The activated carbon composition

Activated carbon has a surface area of 500-2500m2 /g (for a specific example for comparison, a tennis court has a large area of about 260 m2). This very large specific surface as a consequence of hollow fiber structure that mainly due to inherited from organic ingredients, going through the dry distillation process at high temperature in anaerobic conditions. Most of the empty – circuit cracked spots have very strong absorption and they act convey grooves (interstitial connector).

Activated carbon is often self-upgrade (eg self-cleaning ash or coated surface chemicals), to retain filter attribute in order to be able to absorb the special ingredients such as heavy metals.

What increases the significance of activated carbon is that it is non-toxic substance (including once ingested it). Charcoal made from wood and coal generally have a lower price. Charcoal made from coir or pericarp has a high cost and is high quality. Waste from the manufacturing process of activated carbon is easily destroyed by burning method. If these filtered substances are the heavy metals, the recovery from the burning ash is also very easy.

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