In the process of business operations, Manufacturing Unit of Coconut Shell Charcoal LOC DUY always associates production with environmental protection and social responsibility based on the quality policy of “Safety, Quality, and Responsibility to Develop”.
The three elements of economic development, environmental protection and social responsibility are the basis of the business philosophy and development. We have been cooperatingwith organizations and local farmers to contribute positively to the development of the provincial economy, and the development of nationalcharcoal processing industry.
We would like to concentrate on stable growth in our businessdevelopment strategy because we believe that this only way guarantees for greater success and no damage to the ability of meeting future generationdemands.


In addition to business development activities, Manufacturing Unit of Coconut Shell Charcoal LOC DUY participates in social activities, sharing in the responsibility with community and contributing to make Vietnam prosperous, civilized and modern.


Manufacturing business is always associated with environmental protection. Therefore,we always aim to “Clean Product, Green World”. Following to the motto “Quality products are based on criterion that material and energy consumed in the most reasonable way”, each of our products is complied with the cleaner industryproduction program.
Through supervisory programs,activities of protecting environment are defined initially. We take the policy of environmental protection into our business strategy. Then each employee can be fully aware that the manufacturing businessis always associated with environmental protection towards sustainable development.