Loc Duy coconut shell charcoal performs sales & collection services at home across the country with many different modes of transportation for you to choose from. We currently have the following forms of delivery and transportation:

1. Receive goods directly to the store

  • For customers who come to buy goods at Loc Duy’s store, you will receive goods directly at the store.
  • Please check the goods carefully, compare products with documents, warranty card (if any) before receiving.
  • You will be provided with all documents, sales invoices, and financial invoices (if requested by the customer).

2. Home delivery staff for customers

For customers in remote provinces who do not come directly to the store but order online, Loc Duy will deliver the goods to delivery units such as VNPT, Viettel, J&T or some other reputable delivery company.

  • When placing an order, please fill out the necessary information in the order form completely and accurately to facilitate us in confirming the order.
  • Delivery time depends on your choice of courier or regular delivery: Express delivery: From 2 to 3 days, normal delivery: From 5 to 10 days.
  • Please check the goods carefully as soon as you receive the goods from the shipper, if there are problems related to the quality, quantity of goods … not as in the order, please notify them immediately. I.

3. Delivery through the vehicle branches

Normally, the delivery method through the branches is applied to customers in remote districts and provinces with large quantity of orders or high weight goods. Loc Duy will deliver the goods to you through the bus segment as required by the customer or we will find the car for you by ourselves.

  • Please provide the correct garage information: garage name (vehicle name), arrival and departure times at each branch and some other information.
  • Please pay the value of the order to us by bank transfer or payment to the owner, you should ask the owner to carefully check the goods before receiving.

Note:  Please check the goods before receiving the goods. After the delivery is successful, Loc Duy is only responsible if there is a technical error caused by the manufacturer (under the warranty policy), all other cases will not be our responsibility.

Your contributions will contribute to improving the service quality of Loc Duy to better serve customers. Any details or questions please contact us via

  • Hotline: 0916 736 449
  • Email: contact@thangaodualocduy.vn – utmut9999@gmail.com
  • Add: Long Noi hamlet, Luong Phu commune, Giong Trom, Ben Tre