Over the past quarter century, undoubtedly, the stage of growth has marked the founders’ certain success since they started doing their own business and had to face challenges and potential problems.Manufacturing Unit of Coconut Shell Charcoal, Private Enterprise LOC DUY has been changing its economic situation from small–scale producer tolarger one.After years of operation, overall development strategies have been formulated step by step in order to become a manufacturer of national stature ranked as one of Vietnam’s 50 largest manufacturers.
In the general contextof the economy, Vietnam’s community of business is coping with a lot of difficulties.In particular, there appears the considerablepressure of market competition in the integrative process among countries all over the world.Nevertheless, having a sense of self–motivation, we still stand firm in the face of problems and continue strengthening all aspects of operation.Overcoming ups and downs, we have formed the basis of development that is necessary experience for the future plans.
That “business is a mission, not interests” is defined. The main goal of ours is to be a reliable manufacturer in the scale as well as in the quality of operation. We hope we can possibly provide customers and partners with added values and something helpful to social community.