1. Conditions apply return policy

1.1. Products subject to exchange / return must satisfy the following conditions:

  • Within 7 days from the date of delivery;
  • Unused products;
  • No defects in appearance (scratches, scratches, distortions, yellowing, breakage …);
  • Full packaging, foam, … (except for the cases where the goods are PVC plastic film packaging);
  • There is a full range of accompanying documents such as: Purchase vouchers, Purchase invoices, Warranty cards, Catalog …;
  • Having a full range of attached accessories, gifts (if any) ..;

1.2. In case the above conditions are not met, the right to change the goods belongs to the Company.

1.3. The cost of transport, installation, dismantling … customers must bear in accordance with the Company’s regulations (if any).

2. How to exchange and return products

2.1. If you bought an item at the store, please bring the return item and the invoice to the store of purchase for return and refund.

2.2. If you order via website or phone, please contact phone number 0916 736 449  to proceed with the return. You bring goods directly or send goods to the company’s office. The company proceeds to exchange and return goods at the office. The customer pays the freight incurred.