Be careful when using activated carbon masks

Activated carbon is used in everyday consumer products such as masks, water purification equipment, air filters … The analysis shows that in consumer products, the surface of activated carbon will soon become saturated because of having no absorption ability. Therefore, if consumers continue to use products containing activated carbon, it is not only useless but also harmful.

We need to advoid confusing with the activated carbon fiber. Activated carbon is a solid with extremely large surface area. 1gram of it has an area of 500-2.500m2 and contains millions of holes. Due to having millions of holes in a surface area, it has the ability to absorb both inorganic substance and organic substance on the surface, which is called absorption. The basic “filter” mechanism of activated carbon in consumer products is the process of absorption, including physical adsorption and chemical adsorption. The products containing activated carbon are usually introduced with many preeminent functions. The anti-toxic mask has the ability to prevent dust, chemicals, toxic gases, and air pollutants such as pesticides, smoke from cars or motobikes, gasoline vapors, and toxic gases such as SO2, CO2, H2S … This mask contains activated carbon or is made of activated carbon fiber.

The main component of activated carbon is carbon. The activated carbon fibers are actually the chemical cotton yarn impregnated activated carbon and they are called activated fibers by the enterprise to increase the attractiveness and the thrilling. Correctly, they must be called the activated carbon fibers.

Besides, activated carbon is also used for water filtration products. Drinking water filter systems often have an activated carbon core and are advertised that they have the ability to filter many types of inorganic residues, sterilize and clean drinking water. When the water is filtered through activated carbon, most organic molecules dissolved in water are kept on the surface of charcoal.

Moreover, during filtration, activated carbon contains and nurtures bacteria which are able  to decompose adhesive organic matters in order to produce free surface, allowing to retain new organic molecules.

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